Welcome to Everything Sherlock Holmes.com!

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Welcome to Everything Sherlock Holmes.com!

No other literary character compares to Sherlock Holmes. The consulting detective created by a Scottish doctor in Victorian England has not simply endured – he has prevailed.

Now: there is a definitive destination where you can delve into all four corners of the legendary detective’s world as well as participate within his mythology.

Everything Sherlock Holmes.com

empowers YOU to create your own Sherlock Holmes experience.

All in one place.


Here, you will find the most complete selection of films, TV series, books, audio and media content as well as a global fan-base that connects you to other Sherlockians around the world.

Hook up with friends, express your opinions, schedule events, discover those rarities you’ve been looking for, buy unique gifts, read the Canon, watch previously unavailable content…and share your experience!

Additionally, #TeamESHolmes offers a premium membership option that delivers vintage/rare and NEWmedia content on a monthly basis. You’ll not only be connected with the international Sherlock community, but you will also have both historic and newly discovered Sherlock Holmes-related film, TV and media content available to you. Including our exclusive ESHolmes continuing web series: ‘Whitlock’.

Or: even if you are a casual Sherlock fan and only want to check stuff out and learn, we offer a myriad of entertainment options for you to enjoy for free.

Just click on any of the FREE INVESTIGATOR SAMPLERS, underneath the TV & Film, Audio or Books menu items in order to explore and research more.

At heart, we desire to spark your imagination and enrich your sleuth-loving lifestyle. We want to connect with fellow Sherlockians, inspire new fans and create the ultimate Sherlock Holmes destination of discovery.

Everything Sherlock Holmes.com

aims to provide you with instant access to the most comprehensive source of Sherlock Holmes content and shared community available.

Case closed.

Our varied content contains original music, too! Listen to the official ESHolmes score below, written by Riley Smith. Riley told us he was inspired by Hans Zimmer, who scored the two most recent Sherlock Holmes films starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

 ONE place for a total Sherlock Holmes experience?

We think it is…Elementary!

Please share your thoughts with us at any time and enjoy our site. We very much look forward to building this collective portal and community…TOGETHER.


Your friends @ #TeamESHolmes

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