The Devil’s Foot (1921)


This silent classic stars Eille Norwood, one of the earliest actors to play Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes and Watson are on a country vacation to give the weary detective a respite from solving cases. The film opens with the two on a relaxing hike, but it’s not long before Watson discovers a house where three people seated at a table are stone dead without any signs of violence.

Holmes picks up the clues, identifies the culprit, and then must find the motive for this horrible crime…

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself admired Norwood’s portrayal saying:
“His wonderful impersonation of Holmes has amazed me.”

For those unfamiliar with this fantastic, vintage era of Sherlock Holmes film and culture, Eille Norwood was a British actor who spent much of his screen life portraying the legendary, London-based sleuth.

Norwood played Holmes in forty-seven silent films (45 shorts and 2 features). Given that some Sherlock Holmes stories had not even been written yet during his career, he currently stands out as the actor who has played Holmes the most in cinematic history.

The Devil’s Foot is just one of the many legendary films that are a part of our extensive Everything Sherlock Holmes.com library and collection.

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