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Gillette with riding crop

The Gillette Razor

Ok, let’s cut to the chase.  We are all going nuts waiting for the May showing of the restored 1916 film version of William Gillette’s Sherlock Holmes.  So, in the meantime there’s nothing anyone can do to lessen the torture of waiting except fire up the trivia engines and get into Gillette mania. The plays, the family background, the castle, he truly is an American legend.  Here’s a quiz to help fire up our collective Gillette fascination.

Sherlock Holmes Typewriter

Anagrams of Characters

Okay here is one to really test your knowledge of the Canon.  Decode the anagrams of the names of these ten characters.  Put your cursor over the word Hint to see it. The hints are obtuse, so you will have to deduce (sorry for that, we couldn’t help ourselves).


The NOT Quiz

Here is a quick quiz for you to try.


Test Your Knowledge Of Sherlock Holmes

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